Unique projects

1.   Special programs for students

      1.1. “Heznek” for practical engineers/ sprint to the future

An innovative program that provides advanced technological training towards a practical engineering diplomas in highly sought-after locations for young adults at risk aged 18-28 from underserved groups in all sectors around the country.

The program provides participants with industry required knowledge and skills and aims to develop human capital while generating quality of opportunity and socio-economic mobility among disadvantaged and excluded population groups.

      1.2. “Intel program” for practical engineers

A program associated with Intel group in Israel aims to help students prepare for work especially with high-tech.

      1.3. “Yated “Program for young adults at risk  

2.   Programs for gifted and excellent children:

      2.1. Al-Qasime project for gifted children in mathematics

A program made for pupils from second to eighth grade, and aims to encourage students to study mathematics and develop their mathematical thinking, in addition to helping the pupils achieve a logical creative thinking, which result in building an independent personality based on free thinking.

      2.2. Readers pioneers in English

A program for elementary pupils that aims to encourage reading and enhance the knowledge of the English language and its structure from an early age. 

      2.3. Readers pioneers in Arabic

A program for elementary pupils that aims to encourage reading and promote the Arab language their mother tongue language as a base in building an Arab national identity.

3.    Special programs for Elderlies

Dentures for Arab elderlies

A program built especially for seniors who have problems with their teeth, and special dentures were made for each participant at Al-Qasime collage.

4.   Special programs for schools

      4.1. Dokatos

A program for schools to hold a multi-aspect project to promote their students. The college provides an organizational program with special budget. The program aims to strengthen and lead the change in the schools selected to participate in it.

      4.2. Preparatory courses for Al-Qasime schools

Special courses designed for pupils who want to study at Al-Qasime schools, the courses provide variety lessons on different subjects that allows the student to prepare for the administration exams.

      4.3. Volunteering programs by our college students

Number of programs held by the college students that require social involvement through which they volunteer in various community centers and schools. The college provide special support and assistance for them.